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Mosè Bianchi was born in Monza on 13 October 1840, to Luigia Meani and Giosuè Bianchi (1806-1875), into a family with a long artistic tradition, dating back at least to the mid-1700s. The family’s expressed formation is further enriched by other subjects that revolved around the Lombard artistic world of the late 1800s, including Mosè’s brother Gerardo (1842-1916) who, alongside his training as painter, added that of photographer. Indirectly Mosè’s sisters also contributed to enhance the artistic fame of the family, in fact his sister Regina married the artist Paolo Borsa, and from their union Emilio was born, who also became a reputable painter. But above all it is by Mosè’s other sister, Giulia (1838-1914), that the family was furthered by a central character who acted as a link between the old generation of Monza’s artists and the new international artistic climate. In fact, in 1855 Giulia Bianchi married the accountant Martino Mariani, and they brought Pompeo Mariani (1857-1927) into the world. When he was twenty, Pompeo Mariani did not hesitate to embark on a courageous career as a painter, following in the shoes of his uncle Mosè Bianchi. Giovanni Battista Pitscheider (1883-1964), Pompey’s nephew (also Moses Bianchi’s great-grandson), was then to transfer the artistic and cultural memory of the two artists into the 20th century, and the present day.

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