Project Description

The Mosè Bianchi Archive conserves varied types of objects and documents that belonged to Mosè who, through a part of the inheritance left by him to his nephew Pompeo Mariani, have subsequently passed to the Pitscheider family, the last heirs of these two great families. The recently established Mosè Bianchi Archive joins the Pompeo Mariani Archive and the Elisabetta Keller Archive, to form a nucleus of standardized testimonies, placed in chronological continuity with each other, so as to cover a time span that reflects on the work of three generations of artists. Its resources include: period magazines, daily newspapers, clippings, letters, envelopes, postcards, diaries, exhibition catalogues, sketches, photographs on paper and glass plates, paintings, drawings, watercolours, plus prepared canvases, frames, brushes, props and a whole series of paraphernalia typical of the atelier of painters of the late nineteenth century. This varied set of testimonies represents a historical and anthropological trace of considerable importance both for its certified origin, but also because it allows us to reconstruct precisely the working practices of a great artist during his time.

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